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Humans had lived on Holman for a little over 30 standard years. The first colony ships had set down in the highlands of the northern hemisphere 60 years ago, Earth standard. Specific gravity was low, .6 of Earth normal. The early settlers experienced a lot of injuries. In fact, it wasn't until the first generation of native born settlers grew to adulthood that things seemed to look up. These people grew up with responses learned in the cradle of their new home.

Exploration brought them to the equatorial regions of Holman and there they met the Beya. The Beya were two meters tall and very slender, with dark black skin, golden eyes and smooth jet black hair. They were very attractive to the settlers. The Beya seemed equally interested in the newcomers. The first fledgling efforts of interspecies sexual play went rather poorly, to everyone's disappointment. It seemed that humans were quite strong and inflicted damage upon the Beya in the throes of passion, without meaning to. The matter was closed for about ten years.

Kahlia was 16 standard years old. Taller than both of her parents and tanned to a golden brown. She dressed after the fashion of the Beya, which is to say that she was nude except for sturdy sandals and decorative jewelry. She and those of her generation referred to themselves as the Beya Xan meaning also Beya. She sat at her weaving, talking to her best friend, Kinaam. His hair fell forward like a black silk curtain as he bent to retrieve a piece of K'aah. He offered it to Kahlia with a smile curling his thin lips.

Kahlia shook her head, " I may be Beya Xan, but that still tastes too bitter for me." She lodged her shuttle in the loom and leaned back into Kinaam. "My back aches."

Kinaam pushed her shoulders forward, "lay out and I will give you a rub down." She stretched out in the dust and felt Kinaam's weight on her legs. Although he pressed with all his might, it felt like a gentle massage to Kahlia. Many generations would have to be born before the nerve receptors and musculature inherited from Earth would truly be Beya Xan. Kahlia became aware that Kinaam's tunich was growing longer and stroking the inside of her thigh. His hands moved up her back and skated down her arms back to the small of her back. She smiled and knew he could scent her.

"Kahlia!", shouted her mother. Kinaam sat to her side and put his large hands in his lap to hide his erect tunich. Beya felt no shame, the little ones were a different matter. Kahlia sat up. Her breasts, belly and thighs were dusty. She slid her hands over her skin, cleaning the dust off, making her breasts bounce. Kinaam's golden eyes never left her.

"What is it mama?", Kahlia asked.
Her mother beckoned her inside. Kahlia turned to Kinaam. " Meet me near the ribbon pool after sunset."

"I will be waiting, Kahlia." He continued to sit and looking into his lap, Kahlia thought that was wise.

Inside their home, Kahlia's mother was waiting and looked uncomfortable. " I thought you were just friends with Kinaam. That looked like a lot more than frienship." She sat abruptly. "Kahlia, you cannot make love to him without hurting him! You know that."

Kahlia's red tail of hair tossed as she shook her head no. " I have not spoken to Kinaam, but if I remain passive, we can be with each other."

Her mother stood and gently touched her daughter's face. "What will you do? Will he tie you so that you cannot touch him? If you give in to passion, you may hurt without meaning to." Kahlia turned and darted from the house. Kinaam was gone.

She ran with ground eating speed over country that had become home to her. The sun was blood red. The evening flowers were opening and spreading their perfume. She came to the edge of a clear pool with a waterfall as thin as a ribbon falling from far above. Kinaam's long beautiful body reclined on the yellow moss near the pool.

Kahlia threw herself down at his side. "Mama, says that unless you tie me up we cannot be together, that I will hurt you." Tears pooled in her eyes but did not fall. The surface tension of her tears overwhelmed the feeble pull of gravity on Holman. Humans did not cry on Holman, even if they wanted to.

Kinaam smiled and ran his hand over her hair. "Kahlia, you are perfect for me. When our people first experimented with each other, the humans were left with the impression that the damage caused was severe." He sat up taking her hands. "In reality, your people caused some pain and bruising. Most of the Beya find that kind of stimulus very upsetting." He leaned forward to brush his blue-black lips along her cheek. "I find a little pain during sex... very exciting." His soft black hair brushed her shoulder as he tilted his head and covered her mouth with his own, coaxing her lips open. Soon she kissed him back hard and heard him groan. Pulling back, she saw that his lip was swollen with a slight bruise. His eyes were dilated and his tunich lay hard along his thigh. "You see what you do to me." He reached out and cupped her breast, breathing faster. "Please my ya'acun. Please."

Kahlia was a gentle lover. Her heart was filled with love for Kinaam. Still she left handprints, which made him writhe. He pinned her hands down and slid inside her. Kahlia strove to keep her feet on the ground. She was afraid of using her legs around his hips. When her orgasm came upon her and her body contracted, Kinaam screamed in pleasure and pain and followed her in orgasm.

So it became known, that between the Beya and the Beya Xan, an excellent match was made between a gentle woman and a man who loved a little pain with his pleasure.
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Thursday, May 31st, 2012 07:55 pm
Fandom: Star Trek TOS
Character: Leonard McCoy M.D.

1) If you had a weakness for one of the seven deadly sins (envy, gluttony, greed, lust, pride, sloth, wrath), which one would it be and why?
Wrath is my greatest sin. I have a terrible damn temper. I don't know why I let that pointy eared Vulcan get to me, but I do. I know that still waters run deep with that one, but I just want to see a ripple or two. I guess I have always been a little angry about the terrible things that illness and injury can do to the delicate vessel that holds each and every one of us. I detest being seperated from my daughter and that makes me sad, and angry. Did I mention I loathe transporters?

2) What do you do when you are angry?
I shout, dammit!

3) Do you have a secret passion? What is it? Why is it a passion? And why is it a secret?
Yes. None of your damn business. Again, none of your business. I am a passionate man. Everything I feel is to the nth degree. You certainly are nosy. Didn't your mother ever teach you manners?

4) How do you think people see you as a person, either internally or externally?
I think the crew trusts me to look after them. Chapel thinks I'm a pain in the ass, but she loves me anyway. Jim knows I will always tell him the truth, even when he would rather I did not. Spock, now you see, Spock trusted me with his Katra. Without telling me of course, that son of a bitch.
5) How do you see yourself?
I'm a doctor dammit!


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